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Vietnamese Food Menu

Hong Hai Dining Vietnamese Menu

Whether you are a frequent diner of Vietnamese food or venturing to take your first bite, the Hong Hai Vietnamese cuisine menu provides you with the perfect accommodations for your culinary adventures.

At the heart of our Viet restaurant’s menu, you will find popular noodle and rice dishes common in Vietnamese food and adeptly prepared by our kitchen. Other dishes on our menu incorporate pan-Asian flavors as well as explore the French-influenced branch of Vietnamese style cooking.

The chefs at our restaurant start with fresh ingredients then optimize those natural flavors through sophisticated cooking techniques. No matter which corner of our diverse menu you wish to explore, you will find that each one of our tantalizing dishes is crafted for freshness, quality, and taste.

Viet Restaurant Menu

Meal Idea For Two

Small Plates:
Spicy Bathed Clams & Chicken Wings
Salmon w/Rice & Hong Hai Filet Mignon
Lycée Iced Tea & Strawberry Soda
Chocolate Lava Cake


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Fried Tofu with Century Egg Fried Chicken Wings Fried Calamari Shrimp in Coconut Rocket Shrimp Shrimp Spring Rolls Garlic Butter Corn Chicken Salad

Seafood Phở Oxtail Phở Mixed Meat Combo Phở Vietnamese Chicken Phở

BBQ Pork Shrimp Rice Pork Chop with Broken Rice Shaken Beef Cornish Hen & Buttered Rice

Seafood Fried Rice Shrimp Fried Rice

Chicken Vermicelli Vermicelli with Shrimp, BBQ Pork & Egg Rolls

Chocolate Lava Cake Vietnamese Flan with Side of Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee with Sea Salt Cream Hong Hai Strawberry Soda Lycee Iced Tea Passion Fruit Drink

Menu items are subject to change with out notice on our website.

For up to date prices please visit the restaurant, or call during business hours (714) 968-2199

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