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Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Hong Hai’s menu showcases a palatable array of dishes from a wide spectrum of Vietnamese cuisine. With traditional Vietnamese food as the centerpiece, the menu extends into other diverse flavors of Asia. The selection also forays into Vietnamese-French fusion and touches on the edge of New American.


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Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine

At the core of our cuisine are familiar Vietnamese rice and noodle dishes, authentic items rigorously prepared using the highest quality standards. Experienced hands in our kitchen combine conventional Vietnamese home-cooking and quality ingredients with impeccable results. These entrees are wholesome and filling, while preserving the natural, healthy tastes of Vietnamese cuisine.

Must try: Beef Oxtail Noodle Soup
Phở Đuôi Bò

Hong Hai Specialties

On the more inventive side, the Hong Hai Specialties at our Fountain Valley location, hone in on fundamental components of Asian food and then takes them for an inspired unorthodox spin. Tender cuts of meat and fresh seafood are infused with rich, deep flavors to create tapas-style dishes that tease the palate. These ingenious creations will gratify and delight.

Must try: Clams in Spicy Hong Hai Broth
Nghêu hấp kiểu Hồng Hải


Even if you have filled up on our mouth-watering savory selections at our Viet restaurant, be sure to make room for our sweet temptations. Aside from several well-known Vietnamese favorites, the dessert menu also features our signature Chocolate Lava Cake. Popped into the oven to order, each decadent spoonful will leave you melting for more.

Must try: Chocolate Lava Cake with Berries Sauce
Amazing, You guessed it!

Kid’s Meals

Our family-friendly menu also includes meals for children, and we’re not talking about chicken nuggets. Our healthy picks for your young ones are kid-sized versions of a few traditional Vietnamese dishes we offer on the regular menu. They are prepared with the same level of attention we lavish on our adult portions.

Must try: Steamed Rice with Choice of Grilled Meat
Happy Kids = Happy Parents!


With a meticulously developed food menu, our drink list was also thoughtfully concocted to best complement your meal. Our beverage list features refreshing specialty drinks made in house. In addition, our carefully handpicked selection of red and white wines pair splendidly with our Hong Hai Specialties.

Must try: Vietnamese Coffee with Sea Salt Cream
Café Sữa Đá

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What's On The Menu

We have something you will crave! Try our house specials including small plates, sauces, drinks & more!

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Fountain Valley Restaurant

We are located at the corner of Talbert and Magnolia, which is very close to the 405 and just outside all the crazy traffic.

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About Our Restaurant

Learn the history of Hong Hai restaurants, how we started in Saigon, Vietnam and our now open Hong Hai Dining in Orange County.

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