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Vietnamese Restaurant - Hong Hai Dining

The atmosphere of our restaurant is fresh and modern, just like our food. We believe in the power of simplicity which is why our interior is a serene, uncluttered space waiting to be filled by customers like you. Our verdant decor alludes to the freshness of the natural ingredients that go into each one of our dishes.


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Hong Hai Dining Vietnamese restaurant just did open locally in Orange County, but the Hong Hai cuisine has a long history in Saigon Vietnam.

Hong Hai Seafood (Saigon, Vietnam)

Inside Entrance Hong Hai Seafood in Vietnam

Hong Hai Seafood is a distinguished Saigon restaurant renowned for its elegant design and expansive space. With the capacity to seat 500 customers, Hong Hai has become a prominent establishment in Vietnam’s capital city.

From a bounty of daily catches transported from coastal cities in Vietnam such as Phú Quốc, Nha Trang, and Dà Nẵng, the restaurant owner scrupulously hand-selects only the seafood that meets the Hong Hai standards of excellence.

Skilled chefs then transform these local raw ingredients into stylized dishes exclusive to the Hong Hai name.

These experienced culinary masters take the essence of Vietnamese flavors and reinterprets them into remarkable and distinctive specialty dish.

Hong Hai Dining (Fountain Valley, CA)

Inside Waiting Area of Hong Hai Dining

Owned by the same family, Hong Hai Dining is a new Vietnamese restaurant situated in Fountain Valley, CA, but it is grounded in the Hong Hai tradition of authentic Viet dishes. Joining a host of Asian restaurants in Orange County, Hong Hai’s kitchen delivers a memorable trademark taste, whether for a leisurely dine-in or speedy take out experience.

Although Hong Hai Dining lies half the world away from its original inspiration in Saigon, the restaurant is committed to operating under the same principles that made its predecessor an established brand in Vietnam. This includes selective ingredients, detailed preparation, and inspired creativity.

Like Hong Hai Seafood, Hong Hai Dining constructs a welcoming setting appropriate for all occasions whether it be a business lunch, a casual date, or a family outing. We even have a dining counter for parties of one. The neighborly service staff will make you feel right at home on every visit.

With extraordinary service and exceptional food, our restaurant strives daily to live up to the Hong Hai tradition and its long, esteemed history.

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We are located at the corner of Talbert and Magnolia, which is very close to the 405 and just outside all the crazy traffic.

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